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My Art begins from a great wish to show what I see. Ability to make an idea visible and touchable, explore various relationships in form, pattern, color and texture, allow me to create my own language and express myself.
A deep interest in fiber led to the exploration of leather as a great material full of new technical possibilities and extended range of expression. I was drawn to calfskin, goatskin, elk skin by the warmth and elegance by its pleasant stimulation to the senses of touch and sight. .
My Lithuanian heritage and training allows me to integrate European aesthetics into American Art. Symbolic details like primitive faces, the bending of a hand, fish or a bird images came from early Lithuanian Folk Art (surprisingly similar to African Art).
Each image is drawn in freehand on pre dyed, raised or sunken leather stretch panels.
Pro Dye, Acrylic and other water base colors suits my needs the best. Black, silver gold ink outline creates a definition of regular forms. The energy of colors, lines, shape, and contrast, redefined by metal, stones and African brass beads helps to complete my exploration in harmony with the quality. For experimental high relief I prefer celluclay over which the leather is stretched and modeled. The glue soaks into the leather and it makes the leather more pliable. 
Consider myself a painter of two dimensional object whereby the surface of leather becomes the canvas. One third of my production are sculptured book covers, which I like to think will be displayed as a small, unframed canvas.                                     
I am always ready for a change, Three-dimensional constructions fascinates my imagination as well as wall hangings. Some of my pieces are functional but I also allow the leather to become an abstract work in itself. Sets of sculptured boxes are often more like a play with geometric shape than a simple irregular form. The excitement is in predicting, what and how will come next. Gradually paintings on leather been transfered to to mixed media on leather. Lately I started to use hot wax, photo images, waxed thread stitchings, cuttings. Wax gives some fabric look to the surface and preserves the color Photo image enriches the painting and gives to it a  personally unique look.
I always wanted to use leather as a canvas for my art. Finally, after 20 years of trying I probably discovered a way to combine the color, construction, an image on leather.                                                                                                                                        
I strongly believe that every sheet of leather, by itself ,contains a message from its previous life and my art helps to bring it to its new existence and people's enjoyment.

1980 – 1985 Graduated Fine Arts University of Lithuania
1977 – 1980 Graduated Children's Fine Arts School of Siauliai, Lithuania
1986 – 1977 Graduated Children's Music School of Siauliai, Lithuania, while simultaneously attending Grammar school and High school.